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The Expansion Collective is a nonprofit online community that provides access to the best health and wellness resources at the intersections of spirituality and science. This is only possible with the presence of our amazing community members and contributors! Join us on the journey?

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I am now sleeping normally. I hadn’t slept well for at least 20 years.  My mind has slowed down considerably, allowing me to focus better and be much more present to the moment. My perspective has changed. The glass is no longer half is half full.

Brent Ditton

Private Investor

“My time with Angela was incredibly loving and supportive. She gave me many tools to have handy while working through my challenges and I still use them today. Her voice became the "positive voice" in my head when I needed it through tough times. I would highly recommend working with Angela. She was intuitive and sensitive to my personal needs. Plus, she was the best cheerleader I've ever had, reflecting my own greatness back to me which I even started to believe.”

Danlyn Brennan

Biomedical Physicist/Research Assistant