Group program begins April 2

A health coaching program designed to level-up health,

gut/brain function and overall creative output. Whether you want to learn more about the bio-individual nature of nutrition, seek maximum cognitive function or are looking to kick a chronic digestive illness this program is for you!


Private session with Angela

Clarity Sessions are perfect for you if you are looking for some personal support to up-level your health. Whether you are looking to kick a chronic illness or hoping to take your cognitive function to the next level, this is the perfect place to begin! The other reason you may want to book a Clarity Session is if you are seeking a clear path of direction or systems for you that work. They are 45 minutes and take place over the phone or Zoom with Angela, the CEO & Founder of The Expansion Collective.


Support to decide your next step

Interested but not sure where to start? Or do you have a question before you make a decision? Yeah.. we've been there, too. Get a free 15 minute discovery call on the books and you will receive a call at your desired time. Angela, the CEO & Founder of The Expansion Collective is here to answer any questions and be of service in the best way fit.


Community. Body. Intuition.

The Expansion Collective offers annual transformational retreats to provide a healing space for our community to recenter. Each retreat includes community building exercises, yoga, meditation and other offerings that are unique to the location. Part educational, part experiential, each retreat is designed to leave people walking away with a deeper connection to their body and intuition.