The Expansion Collective

The Expansion Collective provides Holistic Health Coaching for creative Tech Professionals and Entrepreneurs. We specialize in supporting you to level-up gut health, sleep and nutritional habits so you can feel great and be more creatively productive. We believe this is what the world needs more of now more than ever and we are here to help!



Angela Rose Fields is a Holistic Health Coach who is Certified in Integrative Nutrition, Yoga, and Advanced Energy Healing. 

Once called by her mentor and "Esoteric Biohacking Coach" the primary focus in her practice is healing the microbiome of the gut in order to maximize sleep, brain function and overall well being, which she facilitates through a process of integrating mind, body and soul. 

Angela's journey getting here was a combination of having been raised by parents who initiated her into the world of spirituality and shamanism during her childhood, mixed with her own process of waking up to the importance of learning how to stay present through this human experience as a highly sensitive person. 

The longing to be normal led her to dive deeply into personal studies of neuroscience and somatic therapies. The acceptance that normalcy is overrated, and that all is relative has allowed her to embrace her unique gifts and show up to support clients in doing the same.