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This web shop was created to be a space to showcase hand crafted, locally harvested and/or made, one of a kind items. All with the intention of promoting healing and giving back to the Earth.

All of the products here are free of harmful ingredients, and ten percent of all proceeds go to the Global Coral Reef Alliance. G.C.R.A. is a small nonprofit leading the way in scientific research and sustainable management for the sacred coral reefs of the world.


We aim to focus on selling items made by people who reside in oppressed bodies. By purchasing through us you are supporting local women who make their products with love. We appreciate your business from the bottom of our hearts.


We will be spotlighting BIPOC makers throughout the year 2021 and beyond. Stay tuned, as we continue to update the products available.


NOTE: To purchase multiple items you will input your card information for each item. Upon checking out with your first item will be given a promocode to subtract additional shipping costs. Thanks for your patience with this minor inconvenience!


Most sunscreens on the market these days contain quite a few toxic ingredients. Sun Buttah was made out of a need for sun protection.

Anti-Inflammatory Tincture

Made from a Red Belted Polypore, the healing properties of this tincture seem to be endless. 

Cranberry Tincture

This beautiful colored tincture is one of our go-tos to heal tooth decay & cavities, UTIs & yeast infections, and it is even said to prevent the occurrence of strep throat.

Rose Mist

A simple and refreshing Hydrosol made from organic Red Rose petals and buds. This Hydrosol is hydrating, healing, toning and delicately fragrant.

Kelp Mineral

The BEST clay mask you will ever use! Nature's Gift From the Sea--MINERAL is hand-mined from an ancient deposit of fossilized kelp.

Sambucus Syrup

Handmade by Gabriella, this Elderberry syrup is a common cold-fighting syrup in many "herbal sick boxes".

Oasis Oil

Oasis Oil was created by Gabriella of the PNW Tea Tree House to help moisten and hydrate dry, barren skin. Picture a drop of this golden...